VTOS places are very limited.  Places are allocated on a first come first served basis.

A place on a course does not guarantee a place on VTOS.

Applicants must meet the criteria laid down by the Department of Education and the Department of Social Protection.

VTOS applicants must

  1. Complete a college application form
  2. Have an interview with a tutor
  3. Be accepted on to a course

VTOS applicants must come to the VTOS Office in August/September to secure their place on VTOS.

Failure to attend will result in loss of place on VTOS.

Back to Education students and students pending VTOS clearance must pay fees in order to start classes.

Note: All VTOS applicants must complete an application form.  It is important that all questions on this form are fully answered.  Otherwise it will not be possible to process your application. 

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