A Message From The Principal

On behalf of the staff of Rathmines College, I want to offer you a warm welcome to our College. 

We are located in the heart of Rathmines, the Town Hall, which is steeped in history and a very popular area in the city.  Our second building consists of two Georgian houses situated on Leinster Road.  The range of courses we offer can be broadly divided into the following areas:

  • Repeat Leaving Certificate
  • Accountancy
  • Administration, Business and Marketing
  • Computer Programming and Software Development
  • English and IT
  • Finance
  • Journalism and Media
  • Legal
  • Liberal Arts
  • Public Relations

As you can see we offer a comprehensive range of programmes and are sure we can meet your needs.  We also have a large part-time provision of evening courses.  Rathmines College has a proud tradition of providing education to the highest standard in a student centred environment.  The courses are delivered by a team of tutors dedicated to the highest standards of teaching and learning in a caring, supportive and friendly atmosphere. 

All new beginnings are difficult and right now it may seem that Rathmines College is a big college with many different types of learners.  However, we create an atmosphere that is encouraging and supportive to our learners.  The college has allocated a lot of resources to support our learners with tutors for each group of students and a guidance service.  We also have many extra curricular activities and student services including debating and public speaking, a glee club and sporting activities including soccer, Gaelic football, swimming, cross country running and many more. It is our experience that learners who engage with our learner supports and get involved in extra curricular activities, have a more enjoyable experience and do much better on their programmes of study.

I would like to include a special mention to those of you who are a more mature applicant.  It is never too late to go back to education.  We believe in the ethos that we are constantly learning throughout our life.  You will find staff are welcoming and helpful in ensuring you succeed.

Our aim is to prepare each and every one of our learners for their future – whether in Further/Higher education or in employment and we look forward to meeting your educational needs for the next academic year.

I hope that we can interest you in a programme of study that is suited to your needs.  We hope to see you at at one of our round of interviews.  

If you cannot make our Interview days please feel free to make an appointment to come in and meet with the tutor looking after the particular course you are most interested in.  

Bernadette Moore

Anna Morris
Deputy Principal

Carrol Hanney
Chief Executive Officer
City of Dublin ETB

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