Digital Marketing/Social Media Management

Award:  QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Digital Marketing (5N1364)

Skills To Advance- Digital Marketing

This Digital Marketing/Social Media Management course will help you develop the skills and knowledge to develop and execute digital marketing strategies and activities.

It will provide a detailed understanding of what Digital Marketing is all about, major trends and important channel such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Paid Search  (PPC) Content Marketing, Social Media and Email marketing 

Web analytics will also be covered and you will learn how to analyse your website traffic, and understand which sources of traffic are the most lucrative for your business.

Students will complete 2 assignments, focused on the practical side of digital marketing: learning how to plan a campaign, managing budgets, create content and evaluate results. There is no exam in this short course and the focus is on practical skills that students can take back to the work place. Projects can be based on your own company or on a company of your choice.

Key Information
QQI Level 5
10 weeks
Short course
QQI Level 5 component Certificate in Digital Marketing (5N1364)
October - December 2023
Who should complete this course?
  • Business owners who want to learn how to make better use the internet as a marketing channel for their business 
  • Anyone working with business websites and social media (e.g. Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook) who wishes to acquire up-to-date skills in online marketing
You will learn how to:
  • Use the internet effectively as a
    marketing medium
  • Implement Digital Marketing Strategies
  • Manage the stages of a Digital Marketing campaign
  • Effectively use Social Media, Email marketing, SEO, Paid Search, Content Marketing
  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of a range of digital marketing tools
  • How to understand web analytics