• VTOS (the Vocational Training and Opportunities Scheme) makes available a range of fulltime courses to meet the education and training needs of unemployed people.
  • The scheme is offered for a maximum of two years.
  • It gives participants opportunities to improve their general level of education, gain certification, develop their skills and prepare for employment, self-employment, and further education and training. > VTOS is operated through local Education and Training Boards (ETBs) including the City of Dublin Education and Training Board (CDETB), of which Rathmines College of Further Education is a member.
  • It allows participants to receive their usual weekly payment and allowances (such as fuel etc.): in most cases the source of payment is transferred from the DEASP to VTOS.
  • Your college fees will be included in the grant, once eligibility has been confirmed.
  • There is also a small meal allowance, and travel allowance where applicable.
  • VTOS students are permitted to work for up to twenty hours per week



  • VTOS applicants must already have completed a college application form and your interviewer will have ticked the box marked “VTOS applicant”. Ideally you will have been interviewed by a tutor and have been accepted on to a course at RCFE.
  • Fill in a yellow internal VTOS application form. Please answer all sections of this.
  • The VTOS Co-ordinator at RCFE is Maeve O’Sullivan and her email address is maeveosullivan@rathminescollege.ie, if you have any queries.
  • You can also discuss plans with a Case Officer in your local Intreo office.
  • VTOS applicants will be required to meet the VTOS Co-ordinator in late August to provide evidence of their current DEASP payment (and duration of same) in order to secure their place on VTOS. A place will only be offered once all documentation has been processed.
  • Students in Year One of VTOS in another college of further education can also transfer to RCFE for their Year Two, and vice versa.

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