Studying English & IT at Rathmines College

Find out what our International students have to say about their experience in Rathmines college.

Aglaia Chepyzhova | Graduate of English and IT, Level 

Aglaia Chepyzhova-Studying English in Dublin at Rathmines College
Aglaia Chepyzhova

“..The English course exceeded all my expectations. My main goal was just to improve my English language skills. But I didn’t think that the subjects that would be on the course would be so useful to me in real life. In addition to the fact that the course itself, the subjects and the active life are built very competently, interestingly and in a variety of ways, I cannot but mention our excellent teaching staff and the generally friendly and supportive atmosphere inside the college. For me, during the year, Rathmines College has become a very “close friend”, whom I will definitely miss…”

I would recommend this course for those who are afraid to integrate into the English-speaking environment, who lack the confidence to start interviewing and get a job, and of course, for those who do not have practical administrative and other skills that help them leave college already prepared for work…


Yasir Yusuf | English and IT Graduate 2024

Yasir Yusuf
Yasir Yusuf

“…I am thrilled to share my experience with the English, and Business course at Rathmines College coordinated by Richard. This course has been an incredible journey, broadening my knowledge and skills in various areas. The college’s peaceful and multicultural environment has created a cool atmosphere for learning.

The comprehensive curriculum allowed me to delve into the fascinating world of technology, providing me with a robust understanding of its applications and impact. Furthermore, the course’s English component is particularly impactful. As English is not my first language, the opportunity to improve my language proficiency has been invaluable. I feel more confident and capable of effectively communicating in English thanks to the course.

Richard’s guidance throughout the course was exceptional. His expertise and passion for teaching were evident in every lesson, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. The supportive learning environment he fostered encouraged active participation and made it a pleasure to attend each class…”

I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained and feel well-equipped to apply these insights to my future endeavours. For anyone considering this course, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rathmines College English and IT course. If English isn’t your first language it is a valuable investment in your personal and professional growth.


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Joana Cererzo | English and IT Graduate 2024

Joana Cerezo English and IT student
Joana Cerezo

“…Rathmines has been wonderful part of my life. I was welcomed with warm widely opened arms by the supportive and generous tutors. As I reflect on my time in the English and Business course, I find the most useful aspect was mastering Microsoft Office tools and my communication skills in English language that helped me speak more with confidence.




Darshini MBembe | English and IT Level 5

Darshini MBembe | English and IT GraduateAfter studyng in EIT QQI Level 5 (English and IT) I was able to improve my English and be more confident in speaking and writing. The teachers are really supportive and have accompanied me throughout the school year. Rathmines College is also very involved in the integration of international students, which helped me a lot during this school year. I am very grateful to all the teachers who have monitored me throughout this year.

Darshini MBembe

Testimonials from our International Students

This course is great for improving your English language skills. The teachers introduce new ways of learning and by studying on the English and IT course I have made new friends from all over the world.
I challenged myself to converse with native speakers and succeeded during my time at Rathmines. The welcoming atmosphere allowed me to approach conversations with a positive attitude and enjoy the process. Improving your skills while having fun is possible, so don't hesitate to start your own journey!
Paul Isaally