Progression to 3rd Level- Where to Next After Rathmines College?

QQI Level 4 Progression

Graduates with a full QQI Level 4 award can progress to a QQI Level 5 course in any subject area offered by Rathmines College

QQI Level 5 Progression Routes

QQI Level 5 graduates of Rathmines College are eligible to apply through the CAO for first year entry to a number of Higher Education colleges. For example, a student who has a QQI Level 5 Computing Major Award may achieve a place in first year of a degree programme in TU Dublin.  Or a graduate of our Level 5 Business or Marketing courses can progress to 1st year Business in DCU. A number of colleges will accept any QQI Level 5 award for entry to some of their courses. In other words, you won’t need to rely on your Leaving Cert results, it is the results you achieve on your course in Rathmines that will enable you to progress to a 3rd level course. Please note that requirements do vary and you may need to study specific modules and achieve a certain grade in order to secure your place.

You can watch this Video where our Career Guidance team explains how to find out which Video about Progression from Rathmines College to 3rd LevelLevel 5 courses can lead to progression to a 3rd level degree course that you are interested in and what the specific requirements are for that course  

The table below lists examples of relevant progression routes from our QQI Level 5 awards to degrees in various universities. View PDF (best option for mobile). This is not an exhaustive list. You can check the individual QQI/FET requirements for any 3rd Level by visiting the QQI/FET requirements page on the CAO website





Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Business and Finance Business Studies – 5M2102 Business Studies/Int DCU DC110/DC111 | Commerce UCD DN650 |  Global Business Trinity TR080 | BESS (Bus,Econ,SocSci) Trinity TR081 |  Business Options NUIM MH404
Aviation Finance Aviation Management / with Pilot Studies DCU DC117
Business and Sustainability Studies BSc in Sustainability | UCD (DN240)
Tourism with Business Business and Management TUD TU904 | LLB Law / Bus&Law TUD TU918 / TU904 | | |  |
Pre-Universitiy Marketing Marketing – 5M2069 Business Studies DCU | Marketing, Innovation & Tech (MINT) DCU DC240 | Marketing TUD TU922 | Digital Marketing TUD TU920 | Marketing Practice NCI NC020 | Marketing BBS NUIM MH404 | Arts (Bus Marketing etc.) NUIM MH101
Marketing with Digital Media
Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Pre-University Law Legal Studies- 5M3789 Law / Bus&Law UCD DN600 / DN610
Criminology with Psychology UCD DN620
Business Studies/Law Trinity TR580 / TR004
Law NUIM MH501 / MH502
Arts NUIM MH101
Law DCU DC230/32/92
LLB Law / Bus&Law TUD TU918 / TU904
Legal Studies with Criminology
Legal Studies
Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Liberal Arts General Studies- 5M3114 Joint Honours (Arts) UCD DN520 | Humanities UCD DN530 | Social Sciences UCD DN700
Criminology with Psychology UCD DN620
Arts NUIM MH101 | Psychology NUIM MH106
Arts Trinity Various | Business, Econ, Soc Sci (BESS) Trinity TR081 | Psychology Trinity TR006
Arts/Joint hons/Humanities DCU DC009
Post Primary Teaching DCU DC010,11,12,15
Arts/media/law/int/pol DCU DC291,92,93,95
Pre-University Arts
Trinity Access Programme (TAP)
Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Pre-University News and Media Journalism 5M2464 Media Studies NUIM MH109 | Journalism TUD TU985
Film and Broadcasting TUD TU983
Journalism DCU DC132
International Relations DCU DC231
Communications DCU DC131
Multimedia DCU DC133
Arts NUIM MH101
Certificate in News and Media in a Digital Age
Certificate in Social Media and PR Creative Media- 5M5048 Creative/Social Media – 5M5048
Creative Digital Media TUD TU796
Media Studies NUIM MH109
Film Trinity TR042
Film/Drama Studies Trinity TR311
Film/Music Trinity TR320
Music/Drama Studies Trinity TR635
Multimedia DCU DC133
Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Computer Programming Software Development – 5M0529 Computing NCI NC003
Computer Science TUD TU856/57/58 etc..
Game Design TUD TU984
Creative Digital Media TUD TU796
Computer Science/with Business DCU DC120/21
Computer Science Trinity TR033
Computer Science NUIM MH601/2
Arts (Computer Science etc.) NUIM MH101
Cyber Security with Software Development
Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Medical and Hospital Administration Office Administration – 5M1997 Auctioneering, Valuation, & Estate Agency TUD TU731
Event management TUD TU984
Business TUD TU902
Accounting and Finance NCI NC022
Human Resource Management NCI NC005
Arts NUIM MH101
Legal and Courts Administration
Payroll and Accounts Executive
Digital and General Administration

QQI Level 6 Advanced Entry Routes

All Rathmines College QQI Level 6 graduates can apply for entry to Year 2 of related degrees in Higher Education Institutions. Under a memorandum of understanding, Rathmines College Level 6 graduates have direct access to 2nd year places in the degree courses listed below.

Course Award Name and Code 3rd Level Progression Opportunities
Advanced Business Business 6M4985 Level 6 business students who successfully graduate are eligible for advanced entry to 2nd year of the following Level 8 courses:

TU Dublin –Tallaght Campus
Bachelor of Business | TU932   | Bachelor of Business in Advertising & Marketing Communications | TU919
Bachelor of Business in Accounting and Finance | TUD933

National College of Ireland
Bachelor of Business in Marketing Practice | NC020
Bachelor of Business in Human Resource Management | NC005
Bachelor of Business | NC022

Bachelor of Business Applied Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Business Entrepreneurship and Management

Advanced Business & English
Advanced Software Development Software Development 6M0691 NCI- BSc (Honours) in Computing | NC003
TUD (Tallaght) | Computing  | TU859
TUD Blanchardstown   Computing (Information Tech) | TU757
TUD Grangegorman | Computer Science | TU856
IADT Dun Laoghaire | Creative Computing | DL836