On completion of my Leaving Certificate I thought I was destined to be a journalist and knew very little about PR. However, that quickly changed aged 17 when I got my first taste of PR, while completing a FETAC certificate in Journalism and Public Relations at Rathmines College.

I loved the PR module and realised that my interest in communications and brands would lend itself better to a career in PR. Following this, I completed a BA at NUI Maynooth studying English and History. Then in 2009 I completed the MA in Public Relations. During this time, I started an internship in the PR department of Arnotts and that instantly reaffirmed my career choice.

I have been working my way up the ladder since I started as an account executive in Edelman back in 2011 and am now an Associate Director.

Emma Williams, Associate Director, Edelman

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Journalism & Public Relations (RCFE)

Following completion of my Leaving Cert I started to research the alternative options out there. That is when I came across the vast range of courses and opportunities at Rathmines College of Further Education.

Starting my college life in the Certificate in Journalism and Public Relations course I was apprehensive and nervous but soon felt at home in the intimate surroundings of Rathmines. Tutors went that extra mile to help every student reach their potential. Small classes and individual attention meant I progressed well and decided to make the transition to a Higher National Diploma course. This qualification is recognised across the UK and Ireland so it meant that travelling was also an option.

Aoife Murtagh, PR Manager, L'Oreal (Ireland)

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Journalism & Public Relations (RCFE), 
Higher National Diploma in Journalism (RCFE) and
Public Relations Institute of Ireland Diploma in Public Relations (RCFE).

My Leaving Certificate results in 2015 were disappointing, but I still really wanted to get my number one choice on the CAO.  I had heard about Rathmines College through a friend who had just finished a one-year course there and highly recommended it to me as a way of getting the course that I really wanted.  I am delighted that I studied in Rathmines College for a year, and as a result, I am now studying in Shannon College of Hotel Management, my first choice on the CAO.

I look back on my year in Rathmines as a fantastic time of my life and will always have such good memories, thanks mainly to the excellent teachers and the football team I was involved in.  The highlight of my year would be the football team, which had a great group of lads and two brilliant managers, Aidan and Ben.  The team was one of the best I’ve ever been involved with and we got to two All-Ireland finals, though we were unfortunate to lose on each occasion.  Rathmines College will always be a special place to me and I highly recommend it to anybody who is feeling the same way I did after the Leaving Cert results came out.

Shane Corcoran,

QQI Level 5 – Certificate in Business and IT (Finance) (2015-16)

I was disappointed with my Leaving Certificate results and I was unsure of what I could do to advance my education. My cousin told me about Rathmines College, as a way to progress to higher education.  I am now studying in DIT, entering my second year in a Computer Science Level 8 degree course. The Computer Programming course in Rathmines not only gave me a taste of what was to come in DIT, but also given me the sound foundation in computer programming, and enabled me to get a place in Computer Science in DIT.

Christopher Jerrard-Dunne,

FETAC Certificate in Computer Programming
BSc (Hons) in Computer Science, DIT

I cannot recommend the Rathmine’s College Diploma in Public Relations highly enough.  Not only did it give me a thorough grounding in PR, it also gave me the confidence to secure a position in a PR consultancy soon after graduating.  Although I have now ‘defected’ over to marketing, my PR background was a major consideration for my current employers and definitely gave me the edge on other applicants.  The course content was interesting and 6 years on is still relevant.

Muriel Molloy, Premier Product Specialist EMEA with Salesforce.com

Public Relations Institude of Ireland Diploma in Public Relations (RCFE).

As a mature student I could not recommend Rathmines College enough. The lecturers are very understanding and the small class sizes mean you will not be left behind. Rathmines College will give you confidence in your academic abilities (no matter how rusty) and prepare you for University. Most importantly it will give you access to the higher education institution of your choice. In my case I gained entry to NUI Maynooth and am currently studying for a degree in Computer Science and Software Engineering. The material covered in the Certificate in Computer Programming course has given me a large advantage in first year.

James Tate,

FETAC Certificate in Computer Programming (RCFE).

I absolutely loved every minute of my three years in Rathmines College!! I studied both Journalism and Public Relations there, with the PR course being the highlight. All of my lecturers were extremely helpful and incredibly passionate about the fields they taught, thus making it very easy for those they were teaching to be equally passionate about it all! Even after I had finished the course, they were always happy to advise me and under their fantastic guidance and teaching I am now in a job I adore. All in all, I couldn't have chosen a better college to pursue my studies and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a job in Media/Journalism/PR!

Emma Walsh, Public Relations Intern at Insight Consultants

Higher National Diploma in Journalism  (RCFE),
Public Relations Institute of Ireland Diploma in Public Relations (RCFE).

I was made redundant at the age of 39 after working in the hospitality and arts for nearly 20 years. It was a very scary time in my life! Jobs were scarce. I had a decision to make –keep searching for any job or get myself back to education, up-skill and maybe have a chance at a new career. I really couldn’t face the idea of CAO and form filling and waiting, so one day I walked into Rathmines College and simply asked “How do I apply for a course here?” Well the rest is history- it was so simple. I applied for the FETAC Level 5 Medical Administration and started in September 2010. I loved the course and that summer I was able to work in a hospital where I could put what I had learned into practise. The tutors were beyond supportive! Dedicated and patient, they encouraged me every step of the way. So in 2011- I went back for more! I studied the FETAC Level 6 Advanced Administration and graduated in 2012. I was very honoured to be asked to speak at both graduation ceremonies on behalf of the Student Council of which I was the Chairman in 2010/2011. After graduation I was given a year long contract in a financial services company which was amazing but even better I now work in my favourite area. Back in the Arts!! I am the Project Officer for the Balor Developmental Community Arts Group back in my native Donegal and I couldn’t be happier. A big change after 20 years in Dublin! I have a job where no two days are ever the same and I am using every module I studied as part of my courses. This year I will also become a certified trainer for the Open College Network Northern Ireland so I will also get to teach! Thank you Rathmines College for helping me to realise my potential! May you continue to produce graduates of the highest calibre for many years to come.

Shaun Laverty, Project Officer, Balor Developmental Community Arts Group

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Medical Administration (2010-11) (RCFE),
FETAC Level 6 Certificate in Advanced Administration (2011-12) (RCFE).

I came as a mature student to Rathmines College and studied Computer Programming (FETAC Level 5). Now I am starting a Degree in Electronic and Computer Engineering in Trinity College and that's due to the patience, competence and effort of all the teachers and staff in Rathmines. Thank-you!

Ion Spiridon​, 

Fetac Level 5 Certificate in Computer Programming (2013-14) (RCFE).

Rathmines College isn’t just another run-of-the-mill institution of education, where an invisible barrier exists between students and their formidable tutors. It was, for the best part of three years, my second home; a creative hub of sorts where I felt free to express whatever ideas, ambitions, or aspirations happened to be floating around my head.

It’s hard work putting together a package for radio, or writing your very first news story or feature, but it was also great fun. Which is why, after studying for a year to obtain a Certificate in Journalism and Public Relations, I decided to return for another two – this time to get my Higher National Diploma in Journalism. Working alongside some of the best friends I’ve ever made in order to produce our very own magazine from start to finish was an experience that I’ll never forget. The same can be said for the consistent support and knowledge bestowed upon our class by the college’s excellent teaching staff.

I am now a music writer and critic with the Evening Herald newspaper, having originally started working as a journalist in 2006. It’s a wonderful and thoroughly enjoyable job – and something that might not have come about were it not for my time spent at Rathmines College.

Chris Wasser, Journalist and Arts Critic, The Herald

FETAC Level 5 Cerificate in Journalism and Public Relations (RCFE),
Higher National Diploma in Journalism (RCFE).

I am currently a student of the Journalism Degree in DIT. I know that I would not be here without the excellent training I received in Rathmines. The lecturers are friendly and approachable and small class sizes allows you to form lifelong friendships. I highly recommend choosing Rathmines College of Further Education!

Jenny McGovern,

Higher National Diploma in Journalism (RCFE).
BA (Hons) in Journalism, DIT

I attended Rathmines College from 2006-2008 and participated in the Higher National Diploma in Journalism. Rathmines College was one of the best experiences I have encountered. What makes Rathmines College different from other colleges is that it is a community of people all looking out for each other. Everybody knows each others name and you don’t feel like you’re just a number. The tutors and students are all very helpful and the friendly atmosphere makes the learning experience an enjoyable one. I am now enrolled in a masters course – M.A. in Political and Public Communication in DCU however, I do not feel I would be at this point if it were not for the invaluable skills that I developed during my time in Rathmines.  I would highly recommend this college to anyone as it really helped me find my feet and gave me the focus I needed to get to this point now. ​

Linda Murphy,

Higher National Diploma in Journalism (2006-08) (RCFE),

MA in Political and Public Communication, DCU (2010).

I studied Journalism and Public Relations in Rathmines in 08/09. I chose Rathmines as it had a great reputation for its media courses and a great reputation in general. My time there felt less like work and more like fun while I was getting the tools necessary to further my education in media at a university level.

I'm now studying for an honours degree in Communications in Dublin City University, which is everything media orientated including radio and television production, media writing, and photography among many others. I see my time in Rathmines as very valuable and look back on it with nothing but good memories of the college, the lecturers, the classes and the people. I also love the area in which the college is based and for me it made going to college everyday all the more enjoyable.

For anyone thinking of doing a media course in Rathmines I would advise them to do it. The lecturers are great and very encouraging if you are looking to progress and further your education after the course. Since leaving Rathmines I have done various forms of media work including print journalism, online music reviews and radio work, all of which I wouldn't have been able to do without my time in the Certificate in Journalism and PR. 

Philip Notaro, Marketing and Communications Assistant at Irish Film Institute

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Journalism and Public Relations  (RCFE).

BA (Hons) in Communications, DCU.

I completed the Certificate in Computer Programming course at Rathmines College. It gave me a good basis in IT an an understanding of computer programming. It allowed me to get into the Third Level course that I wanted.

Eoin O'Shea,

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Computer Programming (2006-07) (RCFE).

BSc. (Hons) in Computing, DIT.

As a mature student with young children going to College was a difficult undertaking. However, once I started in Rathmines I was quickly put at ease by the small classes and the friendly staff. The tutors are very helpful and kind inspiring me to work hard and by doing so I have exceeded my own goals by receiving 1st place in Ireland in the T2 exam on the CAT course. I now have the option of pursuing employment as a certified accountant or continuing in Rathmines to obtain a degree in applied accounting through partnership with Oxford Brooks University.

Jillian O'Callaghan,
ACCA Certified Accountant Technician (2006-08) (RCFE).

Rathmines College provided me with a supportive and enriching educational environment. I acquired the necessary academic foundation and confidence to persue an Degree course in Information Technology.  The Certificate in Computer Programming provides a very sound basis for my current course of study.

Tamilla Mamedova, Software Developer at Careworks

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in English and Information Technology (2005-06) (RCFE),

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Computer Programming (2006-07) (RCFE).

BSc (Hons) in Computing, ITT (2007-10).

I studied at Rathmines College for three years. I received my Certificate in Print Journalism and Public Relations in 2005 and because I was so happy at the college I decided to return to complete my Higher National Diploma in Journalism in 2007. I always found every one of my lecturers very approachable and extremely helpful with any difficulties I was having. The practical skills I learned during my time in Rathmines have been priceless to me, particularly working with the technology in the studio as they help me in my job on a daily basis. I would highly recommend Rathmines as a college not only for the knowledge and the skills I have gained from it but I have made some lifelong friends and we have had many laughs along the way.​

Ciara Courtney, RTÉ Radio 1 and LMFM

FETAC Level 5 Certificate in Journalism and Public Relations (2004-05) (RCFE),

Higher National Diploma in Journalism (2005-2007) (RCFE).

I really enjoyed my time in Rathmines College - Even though I did not ultimately pursue a career in Public Relations, it equipped me really well for a career in the media.  The diverse range of subjects that were taught has been a real help to me - although, my Spanish is still terrible!  I also made some very important friendships while on the PR course.  Niamh Ward's passion for this course inspired me to work hard and come away with one of my greatest achievements to date - Student of the Year!  I thoroughly recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in the media whether journalism or Public Relations.

Jenny Kelly, Producer Ray D'Arcy Show RTÉ Radio 1

Public Relations Institute of Ireland Diploma in Public Relations (1995-96) (RCFE).

In Rathmines, I studied the FETAC Certificate in International Marketing & e-Business and then went on to complete the BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business & Marketing. I can honestly say that Rathmines has played a huge part in preparing me for my progression into year 3 of the Bachelor of Business Studies Degree in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art, Design & Technology.

Niamh Kenny, Marketing Executive, Canon Ireland

FETAC Level 5 in International Marketing and e-Business (2001-02) (RCFE),

Higher National Diploma in Business and Marketing (2002-04) (RCFE).

Bachelor of Business Studies (Hons) in Business and Entrepreneurship, IADT (2004-06).

The big difference for me between Rathmines College and school was getting the work done but in a nice atmosphere and this is shown in the Leaving Cert results achieved. 

Orna was a 2008 Entrance Scholar in UCD and studied Arts.

Orna Kate Mulhern,

Repeat Leaving Certificate (2006-07) (RCFE)​.

I hire Rathmines College graduates because due to the training and education they get in the college by the teaching team they are clued in, skilled and can meet the demands of the job .

Sharon Plunkett, MD Plunkett PR

After not getting what I wanted in the summer of 2013 I thought my education had come to a standstill.  Before that I had been working dead end jobs for two years and my life was not going in the direction I wanted. I was keen to give education another go. I spoke to my family, some of who had attended Rathmines College, so I decided to apply and was accepted there. 

Rathmines College exceeded all my expectations. In Rathmines the sense of community makes you feel right at home. The staff genuinely care about their students and when they see you are making an effort they will go the extra mile to help you. 

The highlight of my two years was the soccer team, reaching four finals, two of which were all Ireland competitions and winning two Belgrove cups. 

Having completed the Advanced Business Certificate Level 6, in September 2017 I got advanced entry to NCI doing an honours degree in business. I will always look back at my time in Rathmines College with positivity.

Stephen Murray,

QQI Level 5 – Certificate in Marketing (RCFE)

QQI Level 5 – Advanced Certificate in Business  (RCFE)

BA (Hons) in Business, NCI 

I am currently completing a Level 8 degree in Computer Science. From the moment I walked into Rathmines College I felt very welcome and at ease. If ever I had a problem, the lecturers were always available and supportive. Thanks to them I've managed to progress onto a higher level of education.

Donnacha Cassidy-Hand,

FETAC Level 5 - Certificate in Business and IT (2012-13) (RCFE)

FETAC Level 6 - Advanced Certificate in Business (2013-14) (RCFE)

I attended Rathmines College and completed the QQI Level 5 Office Administration Secretarial course.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the excellent staff of Rathmines College who do everything they can to help their students.  I would highly recommend this course to anyone who may be considering it.

The time I spent at Rathmines College was highly productive but also enjoyable. The teachers implemented a very practical approach to learning in all my subjects. I developed new skills in Customer Service and Reception. I also improved my Word Processing abilities and learned new IT skills such as Audio Transcription, Text Production and Spreadsheet Methods.

I was also lucky enough to be one of the students from Rathmines College to take part in the Erasmus programme, which took place in France.  This excellent programme is open to students who have a Leaving Certificate grade in French. The Erasmus group completed two weeks work experience in the beautiful city of Nantes, Brittany. This allowed us to travel around and discover what the region had to offer.  I would encourage anyone who has a flair for French to put their name forward for the programme.

Thanks to my qualification I am now working as a receptionist in a Primary Care Centre in Co. Meath and I really enjoy it.

Clare Moran,

QQI Level 5 – Certificate in Office Administration Secretarial (2014 -2015)

My experience with Rathmines College started 2 years ago, when I decided to accept the challenge to study again after a 14 year break.  I completed a one year Certificate in Business and Finance and continued on to Advanced Certificate in Business/Office Administration Level 6.

Rathmines is an amazing college that offered me a chance of a better future here in Ireland. As a mature student it was a bit overwhelming at the beginning as I’ve always lived with the fear of not being able to succeed. The course turned out to be extremely enjoyable and what I loved the most was the positive and friendly learning environment. However, what made this learning experience so special was the close bond that  was created between the tutors and I. Thanks to them I have gained valuable knowledge and experience. Their incredible mentoring style, professionalism and endless support has shaped me into this strong, fearless and confident woman that I am today and will continue to help me every day in my professional career that I’m currently pursuing. After completing my studies in Rathmines, I secured a permanent position with ICE Data services.  

It was exactly what I needed and it came at the right time. I am extremely happy that I completed both courses and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their horizons not only in the business sector, but also in their personal lives as well.

Madalina Puscasu,

QQI Level 5 - Certificate in Business and Finance (2015-16) (RCFE)

QQI Level 6 - Advanced Certificate in Business/Office Administration (2016-17) (RCFE)

My experience in the Liberal Arts course in Rathmines College was truly incredible, not only did it allow me to gather skills that have helped me immensely in my Arts degree in Trinity College, but also gave me the opportunity to learn from the hugely helpful and passionate lectures that teach in Rathmines. The lecturers helped to instil confidence in my academic ability which I have carried into my degree and has been essential to my progress in third level. I also found the course very helpful in terms of deciding a career path as the lecturers and guest speakers that work with the college provide an extremely useful insight into a range of third level humanities courses and professions. After completing the course I felt fully prepared for the challenges of a third level degree, I am immensely glad to have had the opportunity to study there and would highly recommend the course.  

Chloe Fetherston - QQI L5 in Liberal Arts (2017-18)

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