If success is what you’re looking for, Rathmines College will take you there after completing the QQI Level 5 Business Award I am now studying Aviation Management in DCU.
Bibi Olaogun
Spending an extra year doing my QQI Level 5 in Business and IT was the best decision for me. The help and support from teachers was great. I felt like I had more potential after graduating from Business and IT and the course led me to now studying Business, Economics and Social Studies (BESS) in Trinity.
Noman Javed
The Level 5 Business and Finance course was the perfect choice for me. The course modules are extremely appropriate to so many areas of business and the teaching staff have always been very helpful and supportive. I am now really enjoying my NCI Level 8 Degree course in Business and planning on doing a H. Dip in Further Education
Roisin Kearns
Looking back on my time in Rathmines College it was a year which changed my life. I was so lucky to be successful in getting the Central Bank of Ireland Bridging the Gap Programme. Today, I am working in the Central Bank as well as studying for a BA in Business in Griffith College.
Calum Osborne
Rathmines is a college of opportunity and gives students a clear vision.
Collins Melekwe
This course is great for improving your English language skills. The teachers introduce new ways of learning and by studying on the English and IT course I have made new friends from all over the world.
I feel more confident in my English language skills, both speaking and writing and I look forward to progressing onto the QQI Level 6 in Rathmines College.
I completed the QQI Level 5 in News and Media and QQI Level 6 Advanced News and Media. I found the modules extremely interesting and all the teachers highly engaging. Rathmines College is a fantastic college with many paths to education and careers.
Daniel Coffey
The tutors at Rathmines were extremely supportive and accommodating, as well as genuinely passionate about the modules they’re teaching, which helped me to stay engaged and motivated. The course enabled me to learn about topics that I really enjoyed and suited my interest areas, and gave me a lot of confidence in pursuing my current degree. The small classes , along with my lovely peers, made it easy to participate and ask questions. My time studying at Rathmines was a very positive experience, and I genuinely loved going in every day. I really couldn’t recommend it enough.
Dervla McDonnell
Initially I wasn't sure about returning to College, after a successful career within the IT and Telecoms sector, the idea was daunting. The lecturers were open and had first hand experience of the subjects. They recognised what each student had to contribute to the class and of course were always listening and engaging. Whether you're trying to further your career, or immerse yourself in a new field, studying in Rathmines College certainly broadened my outlook and future prospects. (Content Creator and Press Photographer)
Karl French
All of the teachers at Rathmines were so supportive and really wanted everyone to do their best. The continuous assessment mixed with exams really allowed people to show their strengths and perform to their best abilities. The course was so broad and can apply to so many different areas of life for whatever people wish to pursue after. I have been recommending this course and Rathmines in general to anyone I speak to about it. I felt so supported and really encouraged to do my best. Thank you to all the teachers who supported my journey and aided me in attending my first choice of third level education, Psychology in UCD.
Brooke Feldman
My experience in the Liberal Arts course in Rathmines College was truly incredible, not only did it allow me to gather skills that have helped me immensely in my Arts degree in Trinity College, but also gave me the opportunity to learn from the hugely helpful and passionate lecturers that teach in Rathmines. The lecturers helped to instil confidence in my academic ability which I have carried into my degree and has been essential to my progress in third level.
Chloe Fetherston
Certificate in Computer Programming (2017- 2018) now studying Computer Science at UCD. “After my Leaving Cert in 2017, I decided to study Computer Programming at Rathmines College. I settled into the course quickly and enjoyed the modules being taught. The lecturers did a great job throughout the year to make sure every student was able to reach their potential. Thanks to Rathmines College I received a CAO offer to do Computer Science in UCD. My time in Rathmines was short, it was a great year and would recommend the college to anybody looking to do a PLC course.
Conor Fowler
Just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful work that you all did with my daughter. Delighted to say that this morning her Leaving Cert Geography result appeal was upgraded, which means that she will now receive her first choice offer of Primary School Teaching!!! We are all over the moon, it was the whole aim of the repeat year. She had an amazing experience at Rathmines from start to finish. The tutors were all so helpful and encouraging and really wanted her to achieve. She would highly recommend it. Thanks again to you and all your wonderful staff.
A testimonial from a happy repeat Leaving Certificate student
I really enjoyed my time in Rathmines College. I made friends for life while also getting a great understanding of the Business sector. I’m now studying a Business Degree in Maynooth University and I am so glad I chose Rathmines College.
Alex Deaton
I went to Rathmines College hoping to progress through the CAO to Aviation Management in DCU. With the help of my tutor and teachers I got the results needed and I am now in Year 1 DCU. I highly recommend Rathmines College as a progression route to Higher Education courses.
Max Wright
Looking back on my time in Rathmines College it was a year which changed my life. I was selected for the Central Bank Bridging the Gap programme and I can’t commemorate the lecturer’s enough, they were always available and wanted the best for each student. I am now working in the Central Bank of Ireland as well as studying for a BA in Griffith College Dublin
Calum Osborne
Spending an extra year doing the QQI Level 5 Business and IT course was the best decision for me. I had great help and support from teachers and it meant I was able to progree to BESS In Trinity.
Noman Javed
Going to Rathmines College has been the smartest decisions in life so far. Go for it; you won’t regret it!
Adam Seery
Rathmines was a wonderful experience for me and what I liked best about the course was that the work load was manageable. Assignments were linked integrated across modules. I acquired IT skills, researching skills, campaign creating skills that I otherwise wouldn't have.
Khalid Bankole
I genuinely couldn’t recommend Rathmines college enough. When I didn’t get the leaving cert points that I had hoped for, I had no idea how I was going to get into university, but after meeting all the tutors and staff in Rathmines, I knew I was in safe hands! There is such a community spirit around the college, all the staff are so supportive and welcoming, and they really do prioritise the students. The digital marketing course is so comprehensive, and it has already given me so many opportunities that otherwise would never have been possible. It really did confirm just how much I want to pursue a career in the business and marketing world. If you are in doubt, take the leap and enrol with Rathmines, I promise you won’t regret it!”
Alison O'Kelly
Rathmines College gave me the foundations of business and helped in teaching me information that I use in my final year in NCI. The college gave me a head start on my journey to a successful career in business
Laura Fagan
If success is what you’re looking for Rathmines College will take you there and I’m now studying Aviation Management in DCU
Bibi Olaogun
I completed the Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Business and this course gave me the foundation to progress on to NCI to do a BA in Business. As a mature student, it can be daunting to go back into education, but Rathmines college equipped me with the tools to further my education confidently and successfully.
Jennifer Keating
Throughout the year all of the lectures were very supportive and the various modules were well structured and enjoyable. The coursework proved very manageable with constant help being offered from all the staff. The next step for me is Digital Marketing in TUD. I would strongly encourage anyone who might be interested in beginning a marketing career to consider Rathmines College.
Paddy Prendiville
I had a very good relationship with my teachers and classmates, they are like my friends and I am so much more confident talking and writing in English.
As a mature student my experience at Rathmines College was amazing. I am now graduated from the QQI Level 6 Advanced in Business and now studying for a BA in NCI. The environment of the college is very friendly, teachers are supportive and approachable, and always happy to help.
Nisar Khan
I learned so many programming languages, advanced tricks and techniques from my two years studying in the college when I completed the QQI Level 5 and 6. I am now in my final year of a Computer Science degree in NCI
Mariusz Kucharshi
Rathmines is a college of opportunity and gives students a clear vision
Collins Melekwe
Rathmines College was a fun, friendly and exciting learning environment, with a broad range of modules, supportive teaching staff. Rathmines College has helped me as a mature student realise my full potential enabling me to progress to a Level 8 Degree in Cloud Computing at TU Dublin.
Ken Lam
I had a great experience during my time in Rathmines College. Doing the Further Education QQI Level 5 course in Media not only helped me get into my dream course, but it also helped me to adjust to college life, doing assignments, sitting exams and making friends.
Eabha Kelly
My time studying at Rathmines was a very positive experience, and I genuinely loved going in every day. I really couldn’t recommend it enough and I am now studying English Literature in UCD.
Dervla McDonnell
I completed the QQI Level 5 and 6 in News and Digital Media in a Digital Age and found the modules extremely interesting and the teachers highly engaging. Rathmines College is a fantastic college that offers so many paths to success.
Daniel Coffey
Now studying Law in NUIG, I learned so much and made so many friends in this friendly and approachable environment. I would thoroughly recommend the Certificate in Legal Studies.
Ciara Casey
Now in my final year in Law in TUD, I enjoyed my experience in Pre-University Law in Rathmines. The college offered effective teaching and practical assessments that were all really well linked to the Law sector. I enjoyed visiting the Law Courts, business firms and appreciated the teacher encouragement to complete assignment and get good grades.
Claire Chinwe Obele
My experience in the Liberal Arts course in Rathmines College was truly incredible. Not only did it allow me to gather skills that have helped me immensely in my Arts Degree in Trinity College, but also gave me the opportunity to learn from the hugely helpful teachers in Rathmines College
Chloe Fetherton
Thank you to all the teachers in helping me reach my goal - Psychology in UCD.
Brooke Feldman
The Office and Administration course has given me a good grounding in all the skills necessary for working in an office. I highly recommend Rathmines College.
Saoirse Stack
The small classes and individual attention enabled me to gain confidence.
Jenny O'Brien
The teaching staff are all so helpful and as a student of the college you will be guaranteed every element of support to get through your studies.
Sue English
The modules involved touch on every aspect of the day in the life of an administrator and especially a medical secretary. I am now working in Crumlin Childrens Hospital as a Medical Administrator
Toni Fitzgerald
I started in Rathmines College doing the QQI Level 5 MedicaI Studies not really knowing what to expect. I loved it! So much so I came back and completed the QQI Level 6 in Advanced Business and Legal. The tutors and staff are all so helpful and as a student of the college you will be guaranteed every element of support.
Sue Gallagher
My experience with Rathmines College has been very fulfilling and imperative to my career development. The things I learned during my college experience will undoubtedly be very useful in the future. I met many great teachers which were always happy to assist.
Yulissa Strulya
We have a fun learning experience using Kahoot for business and we enjoyed putting presentations together for history and quizzes for history of art. The teachers were just lovely and the students are now good friends. Rathmines College was an amazing experience.
Shannon O’Callaghan
The teachers are very patient and give great notes and tips and make you feel at ease and were always there for any advice and guidance. During our classes, the teachers used a range of learning methods and this really enhanced the learning experience.
Lauren Lally
Erasmus was such a great experience. I really enjoyed working and sightseeing in Berlin. The Erasmus experience is a great opportunity to travel and experience life in other European counties.
Adam Waugh
The Certified Accounting Technician (CAT) course blended learning model suited me perfectly as I was juggling busy family life and studies. Applying for a course or booking an exam was easy and smooth process thanks to Ciaran, Sean and Andrea. The course is quite intense, but our tutors, Laoise, Sinead, Eucharia and Sheena provided an amazing support, guidance, techniques and material preparing us for the exams.
Ruta Pak
The ACCA course at Rathmines College gave me a new start and a new hope for my career. It gave me clear answers to my questions about my ACCA journey and gave me a clear goal for my future and the motivation to keep going through education and into the workplace. CAT 1
Shaunge Yang
Graduating from the QQI Level 5 course has made me feel more confident in Java, Object-Oriented Programming and ICT. I feel this will certainly help me in my future studies of computer science. From the first day in Rathmines College, staff were very supportive and always took their time to help the class. Lecturers have invested heavily into our academics. I am able to apply the learned skills into my personal projects and incorporate them in future professional projects. Small class based environment made it easy to focus on the studies and communicate with the teammates. Rathmines has a great social atmosphere, friendly staff makes this college glow with positive energy.
I really enjoyed the learning experience on the Liberal Arts course in Rathmines College. All the teachers want you to achieve to the best of your ability and are a great support in the classroom and when doing module assessments. As a student you matter to the teachers at Rathmines College. I am now studying Social Sciences, UCD
Thomas Burke
I am now studying Linguistics and English, UCD. The Liberal Arts course in Rathmines College was one of the best decisions I have made. The course allowed me get a solid introduction to subjects like Psychology and Social Studies and I now know what I would enjoy studying in university. The student teacher relationship was excellent and I made new friends while studying in Rathmines College.
Katie Burke | Graudate 2021/2022.
Doing the 1-year Certificate in Marketing with Digital Media course at Rathmines College was extremely beneficial. The classes were very interesting, and all the tutors, teachers, and students were very kind and helpful, if you needed help with anything they were always there to help, I 100% recommend choosing Rathmines College to study. All the modules are well-structured and interesting. With the help of my wonderful teachers and a fantastic course, I've realized that Digital Marketing is a course/career I want to continue. I'm so glad I made the decision to go to Rathmines College.
Eunice Aigbedion
I challenged myself to converse with native speakers and succeeded during my time at Rathmines. The welcoming atmosphere allowed me to approach conversations with a positive attitude and enjoy the process. Improving your skills while having fun is possible, so don't hesitate to start your own journey!
Paul Isaally
I found the material taught in this course a very engaging introduction to study at third level. The teachers are very kind and demonstrate great knowledge, passion and enthusiasm for their subjects.
Anu Temple (Liberal Arts student, 2022-23)
I had a very positive experience doing this course. The teachers are very supportive and welcoming. I feel it has given me a good basis to work off in university. The mixture between assignments and exams make achieving a good result very accessible and I really enjoyed the topics covered in the different modules. I am now studying Religion and English in DCU"
Rachel Byrne (Liberal Arts student, 2022-23)
The teachers in this course are wonderful as they all have a passion for their subject, which makes the experience of learning more interesting. This course gave me good preparation for third level, and I plan to pursue a degree in Social Care next year.
Precious Oladipo (Liberal Arts student, 2022-23)
...Studying Aviation Finance provided me with a huge amount of knowledge and skills to further my career in aviation. The course was very interesting, enjoyable and challenging. Many interesting subjects provided me with knowledge to work in various departments of the airline industry. The lecturers were supportive, friendly and motivating. Rathmines fosters a culture that promotes growth and development in a friendly environment where you feel comfortable, confident and supported throughout the study year. I had a great experience in Rathmines and I highly recommend anyone who has an interest in aviation to pursue this course
Joan O'Gorman (Aviation Studies)
I really enjoyed my time studying in Rathmines College, all the teachers were so supportive and helpful throughout the year. I couldn't have chosen a better place to study my QQI Level 5 and I look forward to the opportunities that come my way in the future. From this course I secured a full time job in the Mater Hospital
Emele Gibson -Medical Admin
loved my time in Rathmines college, I wish it wasn’t over so quick. The staff are all so nice and helpful. Each tutor only wants to see you succeed to the best of your ability. Whatever help you need they go above and beyond to help in anyway possible. The medical administration course was so enjoyable and so interesting. The 2 week work experience block really gave me a good feel for this industry and made me confident about pursuing a career in this field. I feel this course has really prepared me to return to work with the knowledge and skills needed for this industry. I will definitely be recommending this college in the future to any friends and family. I secured a job in Crumlin Hospital through the employment links in the college
Laura Jane Reilly- Medical Administration
My time in Rathmines College has been a great experience. I have completed a Payroll and Accounting course. It was a well-structured course that was easy to get to grips with and I feel it has been of great benefit to me. The teachers in Rathmines College are very supportive and approachable. They are invested in the students and are always happy to guide and encourage you at every step. The college has a friendly atmosphere and offers a great range of courses. There are lots of fun student activities to get involved with too. From my experience in Rathmines College, I would highly recommend it. I am very happy I made the decision to go there, it has been a very positive experience. I hope to do the Level 6 Advanced Administration course next year.
Loretta Gentile- Payroll Administration
My time at Rathmines College has been a great and memorable experience. It is an experience that I will never forget or regret. I studied the Advanced Certificate in Administration Level 6 course. This course has helped me learn a lot. I have learned functions on word and excel that I didn't know before, my interpersonal skills have improved greatly and the fact that I have done work experience thanks to this course, makes me feel more confident going out into the world of work. The lecturers are friendly, very helpful and easy to talk to. There are clubs that one can join and social events that take place year-round. I highly recommend doing a course at Rathmines College.
Charity Musa- Advanced Administration
I’ve enjoyed my time here at Rathmines College. The teachers were helpful and supportive, the lessons were fun and easy to learn, and you can make friends there. I would recommend Rathmines College and doing the courses there. They are great courses to learn from like Level 6 in Administration, Liberal Arts, and secretarial administration. I would recommend going to Rathmines first before moving on to part time work and other universities. It is a great learning experience for everyone and all are welcome there.
Sarah Hyland- Advanced Administration
I decided to pursue this course because I think it was the next best step for my career to learn more skills and to polish what I already had. Teamwork, Trust and how we help each other and get the assignment finish on time. It was a memorable experience in the College from the day I started studying till the day of graduation.
Jan Yvonne Tolentino | Business & IT
I had a really good experience at Rathmines College. I found the teachers extremely helpful and supportive throughout the year and really enjoyed the wide range of modules that I got to study like Business Admin, Communications and Payroll.
Conor Conroy | Business & Finance 2023
Rathmines College is a great college. It has wide range of courses for students. The college has a strong focus on helping students exceed in their studies and preparing them for Higher education. There is exceptional support, guidance, and resources to help you succeed in your studies. Overall a great college to start your studies
Corey McGovern | Business & Finance 2023
During my QQI L5 studying Business and Finance, I enjoyed all my modules for example Tax, Accounting, Communications, as well an extra module I took up which was French. This led me to going on an Erasmus trip to Nantes in the North of France. It was honestly an amazing and fun trip. I fully recommend studying here at Rathmines College of Further Education.
Priscila Konde, Business & Finance and Erasmus, 2023
Rathmines is a great college. The teachers are very dedicated and diligent in assisting students with course work. Teachers really want the best for their students. I was also very lucky in going on the Erasmus programme to Nantes, France with Rathmines College. My progression route is UCD and a degree in Law.
Dylan Baker | Legal Studies with Criminology
Pre-University Law has afforded me wonderful opportunities that will further enhance both me as a person and my future academic and professional career. I plan on progressing to a Law degree in Trinity College or DCU
Jade Fitzgerald | Pre-University Law
I really enjoyed my time in Rathmines College. All the teachers were more than helpful, I enjoyed the style of teaching and the mix of law modules. I am now looking forward to starting my Degree in Law in TU Dublin. Sophie Sheridan Legal Studies
Sophie Sheridan | Legal Studies
I went back to college as a mature student to do the Office Administration course in Rathmines College. The course was very knowledgeable, and the college was very welcoming to all ages. I enjoyed arriving every day to a positive environment with staff and fellow students who were very engaging and pleasant. I would highly recommend Rathmines College to anyone who wants to learn. Emma Byrne OAS.
Emma Byrne | General Administration
“A brilliant course that prepares students for their college experience. You can make meaningful friendships along the way. Brilliant socially and academically. A great place to go to college with great atmosphere in the area of Rathmines.”
Jake Greene - Pre-University Arts Graduate 2022-2023
I express my gratitude for the excellent education and training I received at Rathmines College. I started the A.C.C.A. Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business in September 2021 and I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions of my life. Rathmines college provided the course at very affordable fees compared to other colleges. The ACCA qualification enjoys full international recognition which qualifies its members to work anywhere in the world. The course is comprehensive and flexible. The tutors at Rathmines College are highly qualified, experienced and supportive. They taught me not only the theoretical aspects of accounting and business, but also the practical skills and techniques that are essential for the profession. I would highly recommend Rathmines College to anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in Accounting and Business. The college is friendly, diverse and vibrant. The staff are dedicated, helpful and very professional.
Shatroopa Mohunsing- ACCA
Rathmines College has given me a chance to flourish as a person and a student. I really enjoyed my media modules and the class outings and guest speakers linked to the media industry. The News and Media course allows for great class interaction and fun. I am now doing a degree in Journalism in TU Dublin.
Mark Mirescu-Pre-University News & Media
Rathmines has a been wonderful part of my life. I was welcomed with warm widely opened arms by the supportive and generous tutors. As I reflect on my time in the English and Business course, I find the most useful aspect was mastering Microsoft Office tools and my communication skills in English language that helped me speak more with confidence. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for its comprehensive skill set and real world applications. It prepares us for diverse careers making us versatile and highly employable.
Joana Cerez | English and IT Level 5
I am thrilled to share my experience with the English, and Business course at Rathmines College coordinated by Richard. This course has been an incredible journey, broadening my knowledge and skills in various areas. The college's peaceful and multicultural environment has created a cool atmosphere for learning. The comprehensive curriculum allowed me to delve into the fascinating world of technology, providing me with a robust understanding of its applications and impact. Furthermore, the course's English component is particularly impactful. As English is not my first language, the opportunity to improve my language proficiency has been invaluable. I feel more confident and capable of effectively communicating in English thanks to the course. Richard's guidance throughout the course was exceptional. His expertise and passion for teaching were evident in every lesson, making complex concepts accessible and engaging. The supportive learning environment he fostered encouraged active participation and made it a pleasure to attend each class. I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge I have gained and feel well-equipped to apply these insights to my future endeavours. For anyone considering this course, I can wholeheartedly recommend Rathmines College English and IT course. If English isn’t your first language it is a valuable investment in your personal and professional growth.
Yasir Yusuf | English and IT Level 5
After studying in EIT QQI Level 5 (English and IT) I was able to improve my English and be more confident in speaking and writing. The teachers are really supportive and have accompanied me throughout the school year. Rathmines College is also very involved in the integration of international students, which helped me a lot during this school year. I am very grateful to all the teachers who have monitored me throughout this year.
Darshini MBembe | English and IT Level 5
My name is Daniel. I was a student in Pre-University Law. When I first came to Rathmines College, I was really unsure and lost about which direction to go in my studies. But as I graduated from Rathmines College it became clear to me that my passion is to pursue law. It's thanks to the brilliant members of staff here in the college that helped me realise this. From the teachers to the porters, they all work together to cultivate an environment that allow students to grow academically. Additionally, Rathmines College helped me to progress outside of my academics too with the extracurricular activities they offer, as I was able to win an award for ‘most improved footballer’ after helping the football team go on to win the Belgrove Cup. Also, a special “thank you” to all my classmates, you guys have made this experience better than I possibly could have imagined with your friendship. I wish you all the best in the future.
Daniel Bakare | Pre-University Law
I studied Social Media and PR for one year at Rathmines College. The teachers and staff are truly top class, using their own professional expertise and a hands on, caring attitude. I have progressed to a degree in Communications in DCU and I would really recommend Rathmines College as an alternative route for getting to university. Rathmines College really helps you reach your highest potential while also prioritising wellbeing through college activities. The modules are the perfect balance between practical and theory based. I always felt like I was learning something useful for my future career and gaining real experience.
Ciara McCloskey | Social Media & PR Graduate
I am the first person in my family to attend university so it feels very special to me. I accessed Trinity through the QQI access route after completing my level 5 in Rathmines College. I can’t thank the teachers there enough for encouraging me and believing in me, giving me the necessary motivation and inspiration to see this journey through...
Jane Gerks | Pre-University Law