Certificate in Office Skills

QQI Level 4 course | Office and language skills | Central Location | Small class sizes | Ideal preparation for Level 5.

Certificate in Office Skills

This course covers Office Skills at Level 4 with English and develops a solid foundation in IT skills. It will allow the learners to move on to do a variety of QQI Level 5 courses in Rathmines College or other ETBs including Certificate in Business – Finance or IT, Certificate in Office Administration, Certificate in Marketing, Certificate in Legal Studies and if it is found they have an aptitude for Maths the Certificate in Computer Programming.

Office Skills is a part-time Back to Education Initiative Programme (BTEI) which allows learners to get good Office Skills with English.

Key Information
QQI Level 4
1 Year
Full time
QQI Level 4 4M2070
September 2022 - May 2023
Course requirements


  • Mature and young applicants welcome.
  • All applicants whose first language is not English will be tested at entry.
  • Use of a computer / laptop and Wi-Fi is desirable
Course modules
  • Business English
  • General Office Skills
  • Functional Maths
  • Customer Service
  • Reception Skills
  • Drawing
  • Communications
  • Work Experience / Career Preparation and Planning
  • Word Processing
  • English as a Second Language (for those Learners where English is not their first language)
Education Progression

QQI Level 4 award holders may progress within Rathmines College to our QQI Level 5 courses

Erasmus Programme at Rathmines College

Work Experience

Work experience is an essential part of all our programmes. The College assists students in finding suitable work placements and monitors and assesses their performance in the work place.

Career Opportunites

Office Administration graduates are very successful in gaining employment in a range of sectors. Popular career routes include legal administration, working in law firms, medical administration with many graduates working in leading hospitals and medical practices. Skills learned through Office Administration are very versatile with many sectors in constant need of administration staff.


Going to Rathmines College has been the smartest decisions in life so far. Go for it; you won’t regret it!
Adam Seery
Course Fees
Apply Online and Registration Deposit
VTOS Students Exempt
Full Academic Year Fees
VTOS Students Exempt
PLC Government Levy
*Medical Card Holders Fee

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