Software Development - QQI Level 6

  • Award
  • QQI Level 6 Software Development 6M0691
  • One year full time

Course Aims

This Level 6 course enables our Level 5 Computer Programming students to progress  and develop their programming skills in C++, Java and Visual Studio 2010.  Sucessful graduates from this course may attain advanced entry to second year Computer Science at DIT, ITT, NCI, ITB and Griffith College.  The core areas of the Programming Course are Windows Programming Programming,  Object Orientated Programming (C++) and Software Architecture  (Java).

Please note: some courses may involve remote teaching next year depending on Covid and the instruction from the HSE.


Course Requirements

Applicants must have completed the QQI Level Computer Programming course in Rathmines College or Software Development course (5M0529) or equivalent.  If a Level 5 in another discipline has been completed, a prospective student may take part in a programming course in May. 

All applicants are invited to interview.

Course Modules
  • Project Management  6N4090
  • Object Oriented Programming 6N2108
  • Software Architecture 6N1449
  • GUI (Windows ) Programming 6N0736
  • Work Experience 6N1946
  • Communications 6N1950
  • Relational Database 6N4785
  • Mathematics 6N3395
  • Networking Infrastructure 6N0733
  • Web Authoring 6N2532

QQI Level 6 Software Development  (6M0691)

Work Experience

Work experience is an essential part of all our programmes.  Although work experience is not assessed at QQI Level 6, students may seek work experience opportunities to reinforce classroom learning.

Career Opportunities

The IT sector is booming at the moment with a major shortage of Computer Science graduates.  This course is a stepping stone to a qualification  which leads to solid  employment here at home in Ireland. Most successful Level 6 graduates from our Advanced Software Development  course will progress to Level 8 degree programmes. Others may apply seek employment and pursue their degree studies on a part-time basis.

Further/Higher Education Links

Students from this course who achieve the required grades may attain advanced entry to  the second year of Level 8 Computer Sciences courses at the Dublin Institute of Technology, Institute of Technology Tallaght,  Institute of Technology Blanchardstown, National College of Ireland and Griffith College.  The core areas of the Programming Course are Software Architecture, Windows Programming,  Object Orienting Programming in C++, Mathematics,  Java & Relational Databases. The college continues to develop links from this course and all our courses on an ongoing basis.

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